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Work at home jobs..? Not really.But FatCow.com is an excellent hosting company!

Posted on | March 23, 2014 | No Comments

I would love to work at home. How many of you are in agreement here? Wake up when I want, work on my laptop while I sip my morning java..

That seems like a small slice of heaven – especially in the spring & summer. My favorite seasons. :)

Honestly though, I have looked. And if I must admit, I have signed up for a couple over the years. Some are pretty cool – like “ChaCha.” That was an online information highway which was pretty fun. It’s actually a human guided search engine. But I didn’t have the time back then to do it all the time. Maybe I will look into it again..

Why not, right? Can’t hurt.

I recently signed up for a place which I am still trying to figure it all out. I kinda think I do not like it because in order to “use the links” you need to sign up for free trials..

Since I am super picky about the things I sign up for, I have been taking my sweet time trialing things. I did find a decent free trial, which I actually like….

That is “FatCow.com

Those are the people I am hosting my blog with. In the past, I have had many blogs and web sites. (remember good old HTML…lol)

And by far, this hosting company has been the easiest and quickest to figure out and install blogs on. And it took no time at all to do. Not sure why, but other hosting sites make you wait hours. My blog was ready to go in about an hour.  AND, I am very happy with the fact that I only had to pay $55.00 for a year of hosting! Yup… I can be swayed with dollar signs.. :)

Currently, for my other blogs, I am paying $6.00 a month. That’s a lot of cash.. considering I hardly ever blog there.

I will be transferring my other domains over to FatCow as well.

As soon as I get the time anyways. At least I got as far as shutting off my automatic renewal. That’s a plus. :)

This is where I be…

Posted on | March 13, 2014 | No Comments

Yeah, so I decided to start a blog…again… Don’t ask me why, I just felt like it. Will I keep up with it… possibly.. Not sure yet..

I have started many different projects in the past, only to never finish them so – we will see.

I like writing, just never do it enough. I also frequently have a million different ideas swirling around in my head on any given day as well. My biggest problem is that I never put it to paper.. physical or virtual..lol.

So, we will see.. come back in a week and see if this place is updated… or not… :)



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